Students at our school need your help!

Good day. You have not heard from us for some time but the Committee has been very busy working to establish and complement relationships with the new school communication to preserve the heritage of the school and to support the new school the NTHS and Tech Old Boys Association, while maintaining its independence, is joining a partnership with the School Association, its current and former students and school supporters identified as Friends of Hobart City High School.

The principal objectives of the Partnership is;

  1. To develop a more comprehensive joint data base of former students and staff of the school;
  2. To enhance  the profile of Friends of Hobart City High School by promoting its vision and objectives on designated platforms such as the HCHS webpage;
  3. To provide mentoring for specific purposes such as qualified skilled and experienced mentor for Big Picture students _ see link to Big Picture;
  4. To identify, support and participation in potential student employment opportunities, such as career events;
  5. To encourage and participate in joint functions and specific fund raising activities in collaboration with school student leaders;
  6. To identify and recognise Alumni’s outstanding contribution to community, academic, arts and sport (by continuing  our Hall of Excellence awards and complementing to new students Wall of Achievement); and
  7. To meet with representatives of the School Association as required.

To help the committee with the new Partnership we ask you;

  1. To advise your interest in continuing your contact by responding your name, email, phone details to
  2. To advise your initial interest in providing some limited time mentoring activities to current school students in the Big Picture Program, see link to Big Picture. 

If you have an interest in any of the following workplace projects please advise your name, email, phone and the specific area of interest and expertise to

  • Reading tutor
  • Childcare
  • Adolescent mental health
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Carpentry, plastering, catering
  • Veterinary nursing
  • Fiction writing, filmmaking, astronomy
  • Computer gaming
  • Active or retired servicemen
  • Mechanics
  • Artist (human form), psychology (unconscious mind)
  • Nuclear physics
  • Guitar
  • Criminology
  • Surgeon
  • Mental health
  • IT
  • Marine socioecology
  • Nursing
  • Marine biology
  • Cooking counselling
  • Fiction writing
  • Psychological research
  • Pastry chef
  • AND more to be advised

There are current students currently seeking your support

  1. To advise your interest in providing assistance / participation in potential student employment opportunities such as school career events. Do you have a current or former business or career contacts who attend and advise opportunities? Would you be available to make a short representation to students/

Areas of interest particularly all the apprenticeships and trades.

Please advise name, email, phone number to this email address

Our role is to facilitate interest in school activities and help the students achieve their goals.

They are our future.

John Barker for

NTHS and Tech Old Boys Committee


The Old Scholars helped the school with the recent Careers Expo held in May ’23. Local employers such as INCAT were in attendance and reported a good response from students.

This is a way to help students and local businesses at the same time. It also links in with the mentoring as mentioned above.

If you are an employer, or know of an employer who would like to participate in the next Careers Expo at Hobart City or Elizabeth College, please contact

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