Statement re Co-Ed

At its last meeting NTHS&TechOSA supported the schools’ and Government decision to adopt a Co-education model in 2022.
While some readers may not support this decision, the reasons for the decision are as follows;
1. The process resulted from a community call to build a new high school in Hobart some 3 years ago, largely based on enrolment numbers at Taroona High.
2. A master planning exercise involving New Town High, Ogilvie and Elizabeth College, Education department representative and School Associations was undertaken.
3. New Town Principal David Kilpatrick chaired this group, known as the Hobart City Partner Schools.
4. The 3 school partnership is working to ensure as many students as possible achieve year 12 or equivalent.
5. Elizabeth College was included in the exercise given its year 11-12 focus
6. Current enrolment at New Town High is 650 and Ogilvie High is 640
7. Co-education will create more adequate pathways for students needs. This will reflect the broad subject offering available to students in the 21st century. (Very different to the initial subject offering most of us experienced.)
8. The New Town facility is in need of major modernisation. This opportunity cannot be ignored.
9. The economics of refurbishing the New Town and Ogilvie campus are much more favourable to a complete new school build.
10. If the move to Co-ed was rejected, project research has revealed the future of both New Town High and Ogilvie would be short term only.
11. Currently, some students are not attending because it is a boys school.
12. Girls have been attending some classes at New Town for the last 2-3 Years.
13. The operational issues are currently being sorted and a model is expected to be available early next year.
14. A lot of emphasis is being placed on the traditions of the schools.

15. Support for the decision to adopt Co-ed has been received from:

  • The teachers
  • The school’s administration
  • The students
  • The school Parents’ Association
  • The State Government and Labor Opposition
  • Approx. 1,400 respondents to a survey about the future education provision in Hobart
  • NTHS&TechOSA

The Old Scholars’ program , ie garden, Tech shed etc will be retained

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

John Barker

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